The Christian Macintosh Users Group, submitted by Chris. OS wars and religion flamefests are a lot alike; both feature rabid fanboys shouting at each other in the vain attempt that one of them will suddenly come around to their way of thinking or possibly die. The Windows vs. Mac debate has been going on for years, and unfortunately the people who advocate and promote these pointless arguments still haven't found themselves in the Darwin Award Winners group yet. Religious Internet folk are just as bad, writing page after page of religious propaganda designed to suddenly make people like me proclaim, "you know what, everything in my life suddenly makes sense now that this guy with the animated fire gif told me about how a bearded man was nailed to a wooden cross thousands of years ago!" I've got no problem with people wasting their time arguing about operating systems or religions, just as long as these people do it with handguns and somebody's basement somewhere. Welcome to "The Christian Macintosh Users Group," a website which has somehow found a connection between the operating system you run and Christ. I know if Jesus was hanging around here right about now, he'd just be pleased as punch to learn that somebody has finally connected the dots together and formed the ultimate religious experience.

Because she judged the iMac by what she was "used to," completely ignored its multimedia capabilities, and chose to use it as nothing more than a glorified word processor, she simply couldn't fathom why anyone would pay hundreds more for a computer with nothing better to offer than a more stylish case.

After reading this review, it appears to me that the real "edge" that Windows has over the Mac is the number of clueless people out there who can't imagine that a computer could really do more than what they're "used to."

When it comes to Bible study software, Mac users have far fewer choices than their Windows-using brethren. But who cares? As with other kinds of software, what the Mac lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. Though you won't know it by looking at the shelves, the Mac has the best commercial Bible software available, the best freeware Bible program available, and equal access to the broadest collection of classic Christian books available.

I think that's what convinced me to buy a PC over a Mac: the commercial availability of Christian Bible software. Perhaps you feel different though; please feel free to express your shortcomings of either the Macintosh, PC, or Jesus by forming your own support group and eventually advocating mass suicide.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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