I have never built a Gundam before. The model kit for the most basic-ass white bread Gundam of all (Johnathan Gundam is its name, I believe) is only $11, and it's a good-looking robot. I am eager to escape reality. Now that's what I call a formula for adventure!

Your first instinct might be to build a Gundam while its box is still sealed. I, however, decided to open the box first. That's... a lot of parts. Oh god what have I gotten myself into

Just a trim around the ears? You got it. So, what's your favorite Christmas tree? Let me guess... White Sprue-ce!

Check out this torso!

Yes, that was the first time I have used that phrase with pride in my entire life.

*wolf whistle* Hold on, I'm frantically searching the box for a tiny lampshade, bulb, and fishnet stockings.

Nearly there! Elapsed build time: Four hours. Three, if you don't count all the times I stopped to gawk at a functioning elbow/knee/ankle made with individual "bone" pieces tucked away under the outer armor.

Johnathan Gundam poised for action, complete with a shield to ward off complicated handshake/fistbump routines.

Can you believe that entire box of parts went into such a little guy?

Wait, there's something else in the box. What is this? "Pour mech yeast on Gundam. Add water. Wait overnight."

Best $11 I have ever spent.

– Dennis Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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