Monkey Zone, submitted by jwh. On the surface this is just a normal site maintained by a woman who loves monkeys in a fairly healthy albeit quantitative way. She seems to have quite a large selection of monkeys at her disposal, which to me is never a good sign. Monkeys, as we all know and are taught in school and church, are instruments of evil. They, more than anything, represent the blasphemous concept of evolution, not to mention our own darkest, animalistic traits. They are man's evil and thoroughly stupid cousin willing to scratch and bite us the second we turn our backs to avoid looking at their hidious mutated visages. This woman really, really likes them, which makes you wonder.

Her writing isn't really insane, at least for someone who hordes monkeys, and that's definitely somewhat disappointing. The good news is that there are countless super disturbing photos to gawk at. Photos like this:

I'll also be honest and say that I'm a filthy liar when I say there are countless pictures like that. But hell, just look at this page and see if your brain doesn't crumble into tiny chunks of dust and exit your head via a dry cough.

If you are planning on enslaving a lot of monkeys, I reckon this site would be a valuable resource, since it's full of that sort of monkey business. Har har har.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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