The Official Mama's Boyz Comic Strip Web Site, submitted by Sharky. In some insane fantasy world in my mind I stereotype black people as being too cool and too removed from the mundane stupidity of white culture to fall prey to the same mind-numbing idiocy as the white folk I know all too well. Instead of watching NASCAR, drinking natural light, and eating canned baked beans over the sink they go to Jazz concerts, discuss African culture, and eat exotic foods. In reality equality goes both ways, and Mama's Boyz Comic Strip is a good example of why black culture is similar to white culture across the board. It's another run of the mill, boring, unfunny, horribly drawn newspaper and web comic, only it's about black people and black culture. So now, instead of not laughing at Peanuts or Dilbert, black people can not laugh at a comic that deals with issues closer to their heart.

Mama's Boyz follows the lives of the Porters, an African-American family that lives in a large city. Pauline is a widow who divides her time between raising her two teenaged sons, Tyrell and Yusuf, and running the family bookstore. Other characters include Pauline's brother Greg and their parents.

The strip is currently distributed through a combination of self-syndication and as part of King Features Syndicate's Weekly Service -- a collection of comic strips and columns that is sent to more than 1,500 newspapers and magazines around the world.

Oh-ho-ho! Oprah has been teaching his girlfriend about psychology! Has she also been teaching his girlfriend about horribly overrated books or authors? How about unfunny motherfucking jokes? The Oprah gag was funnier when I read it five years ago in Blondie. While drunk. And trying to auto-erotically asphyxiate myself with a belt.

The site is a multi-colored horror to navigate which is a big plus because it will discourage efforts to actually read the comic strips.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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