Klingon Gallery, submitted by One Hobo Army. There are some people on earth that should be disallowed free time. Whenever they're done working or doing chores or whatever some government observer should run out of the bushes and make them put metal cubes into a grid or something. They just need to be occupied, because when they aren't they're doing stuff like the Klingon Gallery.

Welcome to The Gallery of Klingon Warriors My duty is simple, YOU send me an ordinary picture of yourself, and in a short time, YOU'RE A KLINGON WARRIOR!

Ohhhhhh this should be good...

Warrior B'Etera Tai-K'Tral, Blood Daughter of Qo'noS KLI, KAG, Commanding Officer, IKV Dreadnaught Carrie Ellen Williams, Camillus, NY

B'Etera Tai-K'Tral Grade 12. Stay cool and have a great summer! Klingon Academy Football rules!

Warrior K'ma of the House of Mon'tu

A young warrior, who believes tenchology is as important as a strong bat'telh!

The House of Mon`tu believe in the old adage; "Real power, is in the heart." To date, all in this House, have died well.

Warrior K'ma of the house of Mon'tu seems to be half Klingon and the other half of him is a freakish mixture of rabbit and British person. He may believe in technology and a strong bat'telh but he has never even heard of a fucking toothbrush.

Warrior Ch'Tok

Warrior Ch'Tok demands privacy during bathroom time! Begone humans!

There are 36 pages of these pictures so I could go on all day long, and believe me I want to, but if I write articles that are too long people grow incensed at having to scroll past too many words to get to the hilarious banner ad at the bottom of the page.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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