BoyChat, submitted by Lowtax. We make fun of furries, goths, Livejournal girls, and many other miscreants and vile scenesters of the Internet here at Something Awful, despite that we do not literally hate these people. Even if we joke around about it we don't want their faces to turn inside out or for their arms and legs to fall off while humping a Japanese robotic dog that is infected with Japanese robotic AIDS.

This is not the case with the people on BoyChat. I quite literally want them all to either die or go into some sort of prison/torture system. At one time I would listen to moral demagogues talking about the "disease of corruption" in our society and I would roll my fucking eyes until my head was dangerously close to flying off my neck like a helicopter. Unfortunately, when it comes to the dangerous mixture of the Internet and pedophilia, those assholes may actually have a point. Much like furries only way scarier, the pedophiles have begun to congregate on sites like BoyChat and discuss their love for young boys. Also much like furries in their disgusting discussions they have begun to assume the position of moral superiority. They consider people who don't like their lifestyle to be inferior and bigoted, often comparing us non-pedophiles with racist slave owners.

Debating is largely futile...especially with jerks like this. It is a bit like the Christian trying to explain God to the Atheist. The Atheist is only going to see what he wants to see. So it is with these individuals. Let them have their board. Let them wallow in their own ignorance. There will always be BLs and there will always be people who hate us. Fuck them. We are better than the bull they sprout.

Unlike furries or any other tiny social group that identifies itself largely by its sexuality, the inherent danger of pedophiles acting on their child "love" fantasies are incredibly worse. No one is actually being hurt in a dry-humping session between two fat guys in blue dog suits. In adult-child sexual relationships the children are always being taken advantage of. They are largely defenseless against people they view as authority figures, they are developmentally unprepared for sex, and sexual exploration - particularly with an adult - can result in serious permanent psychological damage for the child. If you think it's weird that I'm explaining why pedophilia is horrifyingly wrong, then you haven't seen the growing numbers of supporters these people are attracting. There are even a handful of people on our very own forums who will defend a persons non-existent "right" to fuck a child until they pass out from exhaustion.

One of the key defenses of these people is the misguided belief that their sexual attraction to children is a natural form of love and is akin to nurturing. This is obviously their own psychological problem of combining natural non-sexual affection for children with a fetishized deviant attraction. The other key defense they use is that age restriction on kid-fucking are arbitrary. It varies from country to country and even state to state. I will concede that I've known 16 year olds who were immature but not children, but they attempt to use this same argument to justify their lust for SIX YEAR OLDS. They post images of the children they want to fuck in their signatures on the site. As non-violent of a person as I am I would actually like to see these people die. They are beyond reason, logic, and likely beyond therapy. Even chemical castration would probably do nothing for the deep trauma causing their (and our) problems.

I obviously don't remember you a bit, since your absence was six years and I only have four years on BoyChat, but at any rate it's always nice to welcome old faces back.

You will probably find that things have changed quite a bit in the last six years, largely in response to the fact that we have gotten so large and popular... but at its core, BoyChat remains the boylover home it has always been.

I hope to see you around more.

Much Love,
Dylan Thomas

Emphasis mine. If there are convicted sexual predators chatting about boy love I have a feeling they can (and most definitely should) get back in the jail. As noxious as they are, I support their right to say whatever the fuck they want, as long as they have never and do not ever act on this deviant attraction of theirs.

Ugggh, I feel like taking a fucking shower. Sorry to wrap up my week of updates on such a serious note, but holy fuck these people are awful!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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