T G POUFBUNNY PINUP PARLOR, submitted by Gyme. Some sites on the Internet defy all descriptions. In these cases, the images and information on the site speak for themselves. This is one of those times, so without further ado, allow me to present the highly anticipated "T G POUFBUNNY PINUP PARLOR":

A great big warm hello to all you wonderful pouf fans out there! I am called Anita Amber. I am a long time fan of the one and only Petticoat Pond. I am what you might call a hetro crossdresser. My rookie TV year was around junior high school around the tender age of 13. That is when I started developing my talent for crossdressing, like many, by sneaking into my sister's and mom's closets and trying on the things boys are not supposed to! It was really exciting! Sure, it started out innocently enough. A short skirt here, a blouse there, a bra, a slip, pantyhose and the next thing you know I'm starting to see what girls like about this stuff! This was a taboo that was essentially made for me to break. I was breaking new ground here! Well for me anayway. My new addiction was a lot of harmless fun! Besides that, it makes me feel pretty! Ah, yes! To pouf, to be a bunny, to get dressed up in in a lovely dress. To do some things that only girls are supposed to do.

At about five years of age I became aware that I felt that I was a girl being imprisoned within and being forced to grow up inside a male body. When at age seven I was continually being caught dressing up in my sister's clothes I finally broke down and in floods of tears told my parents that I desperately wanted to be a girl. This revelation was treated with ridicule and derision and I was told to pull my self together and act like the son and heir that they had both wanted so badly. This reaction was quite understandable in the early fifties I suppose, and from then on I made a determined and conscious effort to try to suppress my inner feelings, act out the role I had been given and just get on with life as best I could.

I have been a crossdresser for over 25 years. I am into the little girl look. I love pretty dresses with lace and ruffles. I have many petticoats and several little girl dresses. I also have a bridal gown with a long petticoat for under it. I love everything fem. I liketo wear pretty ribbons in my hair and love lacy anklet socks and ruffles on my panties. It's great to be able to wear little girl dresses with petticoats under it. The art of being able to wear big poufies under my dresses is the greatest feeling of all.

Thank you very much, Internet!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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