Sherry Shriner Saves the Universe from Skeletor, Mum-Ra, Etc., submitted by Innominate One. I'm afraid I have terrible news, good samaritans. It seems the Lord, our God, has gone completely insane. Apparently the number of good, mentally sound people out there has dropped to just shy of zero, and he has nobody qualified to do his good work. What else can explain him picking a nut like this to be his public relations representative?

I am a Watchman of the Lord Yahweh. I sound the alarms, inform, and teach others about what is happening and what will come. The Lord has led me to many different areas and these areas are the ones I focus on on my websites. Most are aware of the NWO and the two factions competing for ultimate control of it. Most aren't aware however, of the alien agenda and the NWO and their fight for control as well. There are 3 Factions of the NWO, not 2. It is the Alien Third Faction that the Lord has taught me about and led me into to reveal. He also leads me through Bible Codes to reveal what He wants revealed. A hidden layer of the Bible, His Records Book. Throughout this website I have various areas of information that will inform and educate you about our past, present, and future.

Now right off the bat I'd say, "hey, somebody really likes the X-Files!" This assumption is reinforced when you consider that she calls herself an "X-Files Christian" and even owns the domain "" In fact, she owns a lot of domains, including:

Her exciting network of sites gets to the heart of real world issues. For example, "Omegans Are Liars" tackles the Omegan Conspiracy:

The Omegans are the ones behind NESARA. The leaders are Ascended Master Liar Saint Germaine and Ascended Master Liar Sananda-Maitreya. The Dove of Oneness is the official announcer for NESARA activity. The Omegans call themselves the White Knights and claim: "The term "White Knights" is borrowed from the Wall Street Journal and the world of big business hostile takeovers when a vulnerable company is "rescued from a hostile takeover by a White Knight” corporation or wealthy person. These are NOT real White Knights. White Knights help prevent companies from hostile takeover yet the Omegan/NESARA agenda is a hostile takeover of the entire world!

The NESARA announcement process is expected to require over four hours. There will be no advance public notice that the NESARA law announcement is going to be broadcast. On the day NESARA is announced, there will be an unexpected break in normal broadcasting and the television and radio stations will announce they are interrupting regular programming to cover breaking news from Washington, D.C. As the NESARA announcement broadcast begins, we will see U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Rehnquist do a short introduction to NESARA; then the video tapes of Bush's and Cheney's resignation speeches will be broadcast. Next we will see the NESARA President and Vice President Designates sworn in. The last part of the NESARA announcement will be almost four hours long and include NESARA's history, overview, and benefits.

This is the plan, however the Bible Codes indicate Worldwide Terror and Shock! The World is NUMB! Not just at the outrageous entrance of UFO's, but the codes indicate this Phony-Fake-Messiah as the Announcer of NESARA is a Savage and Uncivilized Beast who murders Bush-Cheney for their war mongering crimes! This entire NESARA facade will backfire and the World is completely shocked at the whole thing!

Before the announcement, agenda plans call for a spectacular UFO invasion. The announcement will then suddenly show up on our televisions without any forewarning (similiar to what they say about Matreya appearing worldwide, it's the same person). The announcement process may consist of two parts: the first part is about 15 minutes and basically includes the return to Constitutional Law, Bush's and Cheney's resignations, the swearing in of the NESARA President and Vice President Designates, and the President Designate will briefly discuss bank debt forgiveness and declare PEACE immediately.

NESARA stands for the "National Economic Security And Reformation Act" heralded by Ascended Master-Liars sAint Germain, sAint Sonanda, Al Gore, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, and many others that make up a who's who of our government, media, and supreme court justices.

Sounds about right to me. And hey, check out that cleverness of spelling saint as sAint, because they ain't saints! Using colorful graphics and references to science fiction, she lends a professional credibility to her important holy message, which is basically that she's fucking crazy and apparently unable to cope with reality. Throughout her web of madness you'll find plenty of information on the alien heritage of the Iraqis, how removing the Ten Commandments from an Alabama courthouse was a declaration of war against God, and so on. It's all very fascinating and 100% true because God would not allow his name to be associated with anyone of questionable character.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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