Porn Star and Tiger Woods fling Joslyn James has exacted her revenge on the shamed golfer by releasing a series of lurid text messages sent to her phone during the course of their relationship. These messages will no doubt provide fodder for the talking heads in coming days, but we are pleased to scoop them all. Thanks to my sources in the industry I have convinced Ms. James to release her half of the texting conversation exclusively to Something Awful.

These texts are absolutely authentic and absolutely filthy. We have decided not to censor anything.

July 30th, 2009

 Tiger: Sent: 05:46 PM 07/30/2009:
Heading back from the course now.

Joslyn: Sent: 05:48 PM 07/30/2009:
congratulations on win golf fucker

 Tiger:Sent: 05:52 PM 07/30/2009:
How close are you

Joslyn: Sent: 05:55 PM 07/30/2009:
mile marker 84

 Tiger:Sent: 06:01 PM 07/30/2009:
I will leave an envelope at the front desk under ms daniels. Your room will be 305. Get settled and let me know when you are ready to see me. I will be i

 Tiger:Sent: 06:01 PM 07/30/2009:
n room 201. You can come down the stair well next to your room. Make sure absolutely no one sees you

Joslyn: Sent: 06:04 PM 07/30/2009:
Oof, hang on, the whole ride over ive been pinching in a pringle sleeve of dook. Gonna need to squat in the tub and work this one out with the ha

Joslyn: Sent: 06:04 PM 07/30/2009:
ndle of the toilet brush.

 Tiger:Sent: 06:17 PM 07/30/2009:
Just so you know i have to get up at 415 tomorrow.

Joslyn: Sent: 06:52 PM 07/30/2009:
Alright, jeez. Looks like Woodstock '94 in the bathroom. Give me a few minutes to wipe myself down and comb some of this out of my hair.

 Tiger:Sent: 07:30 PM 07/30/2009:
Just let me know when you are headed down

Joslyn: Sent: 07:39 PM 07/30/2009:
On my way down baby. Dang my junk is barkin' for a bone.

 Tiger:Sent: 09:46 PM 07/30/2009:
What time is car picking you up tomorrow

Joslyn: Sent: 09:47 PM 07/30/2009:
I told them to come late so I can get some of the clods out of my bung hair. Did you know you get two conditioner bottles here?

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