The Stampede, submitted by Marie. Existing somewhere in the wonderfully wholesome gray area between furries and sadomasochists are the pony roleplayers. These perfectly healthy and well-adjusted people like to wrap themselves in leather, just like a real pony, and be paraded around by a cruel master. I think if the human race leaves one legacy behind, it will be the ability to look at something innocent like a farm or a zoo, and be inspired to develop a form of sexual deviancy based around it. What remarkable talents our race has!

Animal roleplay is a form of fetish play that involves an exchange of power, typically between a human "trainer" and another who assumes the role of an animal. In ponyplay, the animal is a "human pony." Typically the pony is required to perform actions that a pony would perform, such as running on a lunge line, pulling a cart, carrying a rider or being groomed, inspected and shown. Ponyplay is not about abuse, non-consent, or bestiality.

Yes, even though you're pretending to be an animal for sexual purposes, it has nothing to do with bestiality. Bestiality would be having an erotic time with a real animal, and this is only pretending to have an erotic time with a real animal, which is much more classy and acceptable. And let's face it, if this wasn't acceptable, do you think it would drag hot babes like these out of the dungeons and into the barns?

I don't think so!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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