Project #SAS, submitted by KoomBaHiYah. This site details an abortive attempt to build a vore fetish animatronic snake that can actually swallow people whole. I guess once you're inside you are supposed to masturbate or maybe get pretend-digested or something. The guy goes into boring and unrealistic technical detail on his snake project. You can view his work journal where he starts in 1999 and remains on target until 2001 when his updates just stop.

The stomach is essentially identical in construction to the throat, with the following differences: The size will be larger to allow for multiple 'guests' (84" circumference, assumes three (3) average sized adults). It contains air injection as well as fluid injection, to prevent air shortages while in use. and it contains a rear exit hatch, zippered and accessible from the outside of the snake or from the inside of the stomach.

Dad, you built me the worst go-kart ever! Actually, this guy probably got swallowed by an alligator or something in 2001, so I doubt he has any kids to be disappointed and humiliated.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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