Welcome to The American Register!, submitted by Vim. At first glance, I thought this page was yet another rambling, incoherent radical right political page. However, after sitting down and reading the page for a few minutes, I discovered that I actually had absolutely no idea what this page was about. Combine pointless pseudo-political articles with highly pointless e/n posts and blabbering nonsense and you've got The American Register!

Why do people always have to talk behind my back everywhere I go? I wish I had an answer to this question but I don't. It perturbs me greatly to know people are always gossiping about the way I look or the way I talk. It's not very fair to me and certainly not appreciated. I hear them whispering in the halls of my dorm and in the classroom. I get bits and pieces of the conversation which irritates me even more. These ignorant fools say things like, 'Is he gay?' or 'Do you see how funny he acts.' These are the two sentences that I overheard in my class today as I walked through the door. For the most part I only catch single words like gay or homo or lisp. You know the typical words.

It is no doubt that Negroes have become entangled in a web of the beast. In their pursuit of the Promise Land, they have forgotten their original purpose - pursuing money. Many Negroes have become separated from each other as money has created "war zones" throughout America.

We all know that the truth is not really the truth since it is propagated by these ridiculous political regimes who run the news networks across the nation. Think about it. Prove me wrong.

Good luck proving the guy wrong, as it will take teams of NASA rocket scientists to even figure out what the hell he's trying to say. Just assume it's something highly political and intelligent. Nod your head, smile broadly, and walk slowly away.

PS: There's a forum you can post on, but chances are pretty good that nothing you ask will be nearly as confusing as the site itself.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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