Fucking Insane T-Shirts, submitted by Lowtax. Welcome to the funniest shirts on the planet. Fucking Insane T-Shirts is the kind of t-shirt seller that is CoMpLeTeLy InSaNe. So insane that they have pictures of the President's daughter showing her vagina. That's just the tip of the fucking insane iceberg here! They have huge multi-colored fonts, embedded audio on almost every page, googly-eyed mouse cursors, oh yeah, and somewhere in there they have some fucking insane t-shirts.

Oh man, are you kidding me? That is SO INSANE! The M&Ms are HIGH!

That hairy gremlin thing wants you to get HIGH! Could it be any more insane?

Holy crap, it DID get more insane! Sponge Bob is DRUNK, can you fucking believe that? I know I can't, because it's a fucking insane t-shirt. Believe me folks, if you go through this site you will quickly realize that the shirts get even more insane.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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