The Hobbit's Quest, submitted by Frolixo Baggins. Screeching MIDI misfires and MS-Paint quality graphics will at last be yours when you dare to pick up Sting and embark on The Hobbit's Quest. You have to love games that require you to download a dll file from a Tripod website. Oh, hey, if the game is really awesome maybe you'll want to put up one of the many banner ads available on your own home page!

If you would like to put one of these banner ads with a link to my site on your web page, I would be very thankful. Just save the picture file as a .Gif file, place it on your site and link it back to my site. I have a few you can choose from.

Beneath the Mountain Banner Ad

This banner ad is for the Beneath the Mountain Web site. It gives a brief history of Moria.

The "brief history of Moria" consists of "but they mined too deep..." and then a bunch of eyestrain. It's sort of like reading the bottom row of an eye test from across the room only with a lot more tiled GIFs.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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