Sugar and Spice, submitted by killhamster.

Great news if you just drank a gallon of bleach and need to induce immediate vomiting: there’s Sugar and Spice! No, I’m not talking about the sort of thing that goes into rum and makes you do crazy things, I’m talking about the sort of thing you put rum into and then do crazy things with! Little girls!

Welcome to the site for all young girls who want to learn more about love and about people called girllovers.

Golly, girllovers? There couldn’t be anything bad about that name. It’s like a catlover or a movielover. Those people certainly wouldn’t do anything like fuck cats or movies and I’m sure girllovers are just the same!

An adult man or woman who has a special appreciation for the physical and spiritual beauty of young girls, and is romantically attracted to them.

Uh, so you mean a girllover is basically a child molester?

A very bad person who is selfish and takes advantage of young people to satisfy him or herself. Child molesters force, coerce or manipulate young people to do things they do not want to do.

Oh, whew, I was getting a little worried there. I thought this site was a big scheme to get young girls to trust pedophiles.

An older term for somebody who loves young boys and/or girls. These people are now usually called boylovers or girllovers. This term is often confused with the term child molester and is frequently misused.

Oh. OH! So this is just a big trap to get girls to trust pedophiles! Huzzah! I wonder what sort of things they advocate.

Touching between two people who love each other is a very special thing, and can be one of the most exciting things that you can do! Touching another person romantically is perfectly OK as long as both of the people doing the touching want to do what they are doing and consent to it. Consenting means that both people understand what they are doing and accept the responsibilities of doing it so that they can enjoy the fun of touching each other.

They repeatedly say that touching is okay and include all this gobbledygook about special friends and romantic love. Then they play it safe by including warnings about “checking the laws” before you do any “special touching.” If only they could create some sort of child rapist PAC and take on big government!

In order to get these laws changed, young people need to show the lawmakers that they can think for themselves, take responsibility for themselves and give consent, and want the lawmakers to give the right to decide about their own bodies back to them! Don't let other people think for you. Stand up for yourself and fight for the right to think for yourself!

Libertarians and children we want to rape unite, it’s time to rise up and make the government empower children. Let the kids have the right to make the legal choice to fuck an old man. Only good can come of this.

In closing:

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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