Welcome To Tenguman's Laboratories, submitted by BOOMER. Oh goodie, another insane Megaman-related site. This is what I've always wanted! "Tenguman's Laboratories" is a burning hulk of charred Internet insanity dedicated to... well... something. I'm not sure what, as the author seems to be suffering from that one disease where the brain beetles crawl inside your head and use your grey matter as a dessert topping.

"hahaha,oh my god,hahaha!"-SilentTreatment,after being Tickle feathered to death.
"we are cool.""me too."-George & Harold from captain Underpants

SilentTreatment's Complaint Corner Subject:Pokemon
Complaint 1: Pokemon? Sounds like a gay Jamaican porno flick! (Apologies to all gay jamaican porno lovers)
Complaint 2: The *bleep* "e" you have to type in! How the *bleep* do you do that?
Complaint 3: Ash's feet stick out like a ballerina. How can anyone besides a ballerina and TenguGirl2k do that?

The whole site is like some Ritalin-deprived disaster area. Each page seems to make less sense than the previous one. Be sure to check out the online masterpiece that is "Pretendork's Dorkeymon," a page of deep and meaningful fiction which reads like a series of fortune cookies stapled together and written by a couple special education children who had taken turns riding inside the dryer for the past three hours.

PS: There's a guestbook you could conceivably sign, assuming you don't mind losing 50-60 IQ points in the process. Since most of the people who sign guestbooks don't have 50-60 IQ points to begin with, they're considerably safe.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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