Grills by Paul Wall, submitted by Rocco Tuna.

And speaking of teeth, here we have an amazing selection of fashion accessories from our favorite couture sophisticate, Mr. Paul Wall. Here, Paul presents a blinding array of grills for every occasion: formal grills, casual grills, wedding grills, funeral grills, bar mitzvah grills, and so forth.

Can a girl get a grill?

Definitely. All the fly girls are getting them now. Julissa from 106 & Park has one. Venus and Serena Williams are getting them. If you want something different, you can get any of the featured grills in yellow, white, or rose gold. The stones are also available in red, blue, or yellow for 100$ more per tooth. ***PINK STONES NOW AVAILABLE ON THE FOLLOWING STYLES FOR AN ADDITIONAL $100 PER TOOTH: DISCO BALL, PARTY DON'T STOP DISCO BALL, SNO CONE, POPPIN TRUNK NEONS GLOW, WORD OF MOUTH

Can you get a grill with braces?

No, sorry! But start saving up. We will be here for you when you get them off!

What happens if you want a grill but have crooked teeth?

When you get a grill, the inside of the grill is made to fit your teeth. The outside is made to look as straight and normal as possible depending on the condition of your teeth.

Hey, I have an idea: corrective grills. Has anyone thought of this before? Am I rich yet?

– Dr. David Thorpe (@Arr)

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