Dinosaurs in ancient Cambodian temple, submitted by mylife4mygirlz. Creationists are the most wonderfully consistent people in the world. No matter the odds, you can always depend on a creationist to misinterpret any given object or set of data in the most entertaining way possible

The temples at Angkor have some incredibly sophisticated carvings. The art there ranks among the greatest in the world. But, more importantly, one little carving at one temple kinda looks like a stegosaurus if you squint and ignore things like "cultural context" and "science".

Here, take a look at this incredible find for yourself:

Let's Do Some Science

I was struck by the similarity between the Cambodian Stegosaurus and a picture frame I have used for years to display a picture of my niece.

Let's think about the implications of these observations.

Ah yes, Let's Do Science! By which I mean let's compare the product of a culture capable of extremely fine detail work that is unmatched in the world to a shitty picture frame made out of cardboard. Q.E.D., evolution. Q.E.D.

– Joseph "Maxnmona" Fink

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