The newlywed couple moves out from under the bridge and buys a deck of their very own. How touching. It touches me in my gag reflex.

From the left:

Fat Conan O' Brian, Pink Patty, Fred Flintstone, the Ninja Dental Hygienist Assistant, Chinese Terror, and Tampon From Beyond.

Yeah, werd up, just fucking mow my lawn you retarded piles of horse shit.


The "Toothless Watermelon", North Appleton's most famous wrestler. He's got a special move where he puts his opponent's head between his legs and then he... wait, actually that's the entire move

Oh the moral dilemma. Does Chester dare to get the power up and win the game, or should he go back to writing letters to Jodie Foster? This is a story I don't really care to learn the ending to.