All About Sex - Kid's, submitted by Rainbow Blight. Children "speak out" regarding various sexual questions and experiences. After hearing their problems and the resulting answers from adults, I really wish they could've stayed silent:

QUESTION: He being my best friend we jack off in front of each other all the time but we never touch each other. At first I said no but he kept begging and said it wouldnt be gay just experimenting so i said yeah why not and i loved it.I would like to do it again but i dont know if he wants to. My question is how many times can you experiment befoore your gay and what is your advice about wanting too do it one more time?

ANSWER: Many guys experiment in this way, mainly because other sexual partners (female) are not so available. If you invited a girl to spend the night at your house and in your bedroom, it might cause your parents, or hers to object!!! In other words, this is usually a matter of what kind of partner is available, and not of whether you are homosexual. Most guys who experiment this way grow up to be completely straight.

Oh, I get it, engaging in homosexual sex makes "most guys" become straight. Maybe they just need to find a better gay partner.

QUESTION: PAIN OH MR PAIn Everytime I ejaculate i get such a ripping pain i literlly jump up and down ( not funny!!) i masturbate using condom is that safe( easy clean up,just throw away when done).

QUESTION: I tape a show called South Park and still watch it to this day. last year they ran an episode where the boys were going to make their own circus, so in a few scenes they ran around in their underwear practicing their circus moves. Now this is the freaky part, and I'm not gay or a pediphile because I truly am attracted to real life women, but when the episode was over I rewind it and I played those scenes in slow motion I whipped out my penis and just started jacking off to them in their underwear. I only did this once and now as I think about it I kind of feel like a freak masturbating to a cartoon show with little boys running around in their underwear. But now that I watch the episode I get another tempt to do it and I try to keep it in which I am sucessful to doing, but I still get a bonar.

QUESTION: I just started to masurbate and Idont know what an organisum is. Can you help?

No. No amount of help in the world will help the kids asking questions on this site. The FBI should head over and start building profiles, because we've stumbled upon 98% of the world's future sexual predators.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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