Lady Senna Silverstrip, submitted by Justin. Lots and lots of delusional narrative about personified animals and "adorable" illustrations of furries dominate this MIDI infested cesspool of insanity. "Abbess Senna" takes visitors on a journey through the psyche-shattering horrors of Redwall Abby. By the way, she is a badger who learned to draw with crayons when she was "three seasons old". Enter Redwall Abby, if you dare!

I will have four main representative of each basic species of animal. One for the otters, the squirrels, the sparrows, the voles, etc. I have such rules for joining my Council because I want the strongest of the strongest, the best of the best. It isn't that hard to be such material, you just have to prove it to me with your skill. Being the Abbess, I have appointed a different captain, Cinnabarr Swiftpaw. She is the Captain of the Council, and the leader of Salamandastron Hares. I am very loose and lenient compared to many other sites with councils and clubs such as mine, as strict as my rules may seem.

So basically, through a strictly enforced program of eugenics, "Abbess Senna" hopes to breed out racial impurities in the "vermin" that attempt to dilute the Aryan races of Redwall Abby. Not only does she believe that she is a badger but she also wants to set up guidelines to contain and reverse the spread of "vermin" with the help of Reichsfuehrer SS Cinnabarr Swiftpaw. Oh the whimsy!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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