Modern advances in recording and editing technology have allowed soldiers serving in the field to write and record their very own albums. These albums fit into a wide variety of classes and genres, so we'll skip all that and just say they're all "war songs."

Today we will take a trip through five of the most popular Iraq war albums to hit shelves. Be prepared though, honesty comes free on every album!

4th25 - Live From Iraq

Produced, written, and recorded in Baghdad Iraq. The reality of a country at war - this is what nobody wanted you to hear.

Sample lyrics from the song "24 Hours":

Ied's in the street
Look who's shop they in front of
Burn his shit to the ground
Cause he gotta know something

Population of millions
But no one knows nothing
Line em up till they talk
If they wont talk fuckem

They tune el change
When you kill enough of em
Police they own shit
And we will not fuck with em

Either that or we
Reach out and touchem
So speak out against it
Or be part of the problem

Me, I'd hold everyone liable
There is no exception
Specially when you
Lie for em

MTHEL - Force Projection

Written and recorded by members of the 7th Experimental Counterbattery Task Force serving in Baqubah, Iraq.

Sample lyrics from the song "FOB Incoming":

Incomin mortars and rockets
raining down on the ground
blowing up good men
landin in the town

M-T Hell switch on
light the motherfuckers up
burn the motherfuckers up
yeah that motherfuckers up

Guess what Osama
we're niggers with lasers
we're gonna fry your eyes
with some motherfuckin lasers

Just for fun were gonna fry that dog
that little girls dog
blow it up with a laser
hit that shit with the laser

Leave it running and spin it
burning down trees
blasting out eyeballs
Hajjis beggin please

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