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Tiny Madison awww shoot. I ain't feelin so well and i got some mighty gross sores festerin on my skin.
20 minutes ago. 3 Comments
Doc Beauzerau sounds like you could use a genuine doctor and there ain't but one genuine doctor in this town. be seein' ya soon, tiny.
Sheriff Pawley you win this time, Doc. Next time ain't gonna go so pretty for you. Now give me my share of that dang vaccine.
Mad Bill Boothe and there you have it, pardners: Sheriff Pawley claims he's a man of the law, but looks the other way when it serves his interest. I intend to stand by my word and bring the heathen sonovabitch Beauzerau to justice. Vote Mad Bill Boothe!
Sheriff Pawley Doc, you crossed a line there ain't no comin' back from. You best turn yourself in, cause by rifle or by gallows, you're dyin' under law.
50 minutes ago. 8 Comments
Doc Beauzerau you could arrest me, but then i did just recently release all that smallpox in town, and i'm pretty much the only one qualified to take care of a smallpox outbreak now, so.....
Doc Beauzerau checkmate?
Sheriff Pawley you're a goddanged monster, Doc.

Mad Bill Boothe this is the sort of "by the letter" enforcin' of the law that's bound to get us all kilt. The town's got but one doctor to stand against a tragic outbreak of plague, and Pawley wants to lock him up. Vote Mad Bill Boothe!
Slimy Morgan doc, ya done a lot of terrible deeds in yer day, but this is the most unforgivable of em all. how am I ever gonna look ya in the eyes again?
Doc Beauzerau i'd prefer ya didn't, being that ya got that one droopy eye that's always twitchin and pussin
Slimy Morgan doc, ya son of a bitch, ya told me that ya fixed that!
Doc Beauzerau it's funny i told you that, because i pretty much did the exact opposite. lol
Doc Beauzerau has killed Doc Cassidy
2 hours ago. 6 Comments
Doc Beauzerau heh. it was, uh, self defense.
Slimy Morgan doc cassidy was the nicest fella in all the camp, beauzerau! he even helped jim hoyle overcome his problems with his hind-end, most of which he said was caused by yer bad doctorin'.
The Wenatchee Kid he was one hell of a doctor. RIP, my respect, he was the best.
Doc Beauzerau before I poisoned him, he did treat my dysentery and I've never felt better. can't deny the man knew his medicine.

Tallahassee Parcy Yer one hell of a sadist, Doc. If it weren't forbidden by law or the good graces of the Lord, I'd whip yer ugly face to teach ya a lesson about bein' kind to yer fella man.
Father Gerald I'm startin' to get darn sick of performing funerals. Won't one of you wayward souls let me do a baptism? I'd settle for a marriage at this point.
Doc Beauzerau i'm warning you cassidy, this is my territory. go practice your "medicine" someplace else.
2 days ago. 9 Comments
Doc Cassidy You're a pox upon the medical profession, Beauzerau. Now I ain't leaving town until these people are good and healthy, and they ain't gonna be healthy so long as you're practicing medicine.
Doc Beauzerau a pox, eh???? ;)
Vaquero Esquerra oooohhhh doc fight!!!
Rapid City Russ Doctor Cassidy is the one who discovered I had a fist-size tumor in my prefrontal cortex, which he excised rather deftly. I've felt like a new man ever since. Beazerau, if you want to best Doctor Cassidy, I suggest you return to medical school-- assuming one would even have a man of your dubious moral character.
Cowboy Charlie this camp deserves good doctoring, and I trust Doc Cassidy to do that. Sorry Beauzerau.
Hoagy Calhoun Alignin myself with Team Cassidy here.
Prospectin' Pete Beauzerau, you misdiagnosed my prospector's knee as silo leg. How the heck would I ever git silo leg???
Yodelin' Red Paskiewicz ain't nothin' personal, Beauzerau, but i'm inclined to wanna live long, and Cassidy can see to that.
John Red Eagle don't worry, Beauzerau. My tribe still considers you our greatest ally in our war against the white man.
Doc Cassidy I've never seen so many souls blighted by medical mishaps. In Dodge we called this sort of thing hacksaw doctoring. I'd be most proud to treat anyone here for free.
2 days ago. 1 Comment
Hoppy Amen to that, Cassidy! My dang prostate swelled up like a balloon. Been afraid to tell Beauzerau fer fear he'd try'n pop the thing.
Doc Beauzerau all right you sons of whores, 50% off my dang prices.
2 days ago. 2 Comments
Wild Ron you were already askin twice what Doc Cassidy is charging as is. I'm half fixin' to up and shoot you dead now that you ain't needed.
Cowboy Bradley Forgit it, Doc, ain't nobody gonna settle for your brand of medicine, not since they got a taste for the real thing.
Doc Cassidy I noticed a lot of you were forsaking medical help on account of financial hardships. I wanted to let you all know I'll be cutting my prices by twenty-five per cent.
3 days ago. 2 Comments
Rapid City Russ doc I got this crushin pain in my noggin for damn near half my life. Drinkin seems to be my only relief
Blackboots McCoy Woo! Wooooooie! Now yer speakin' my language, doc! Just as soon as my luck turns around, I'll have scratch to finally get this bullet taken out of my leg.
Doc Cassidy Howdy, pardners! I know there's already a doctor in town, but it never hurts to have two. Let me know if I can help you with any ailments great or small!
5 days ago. 7 Comments
Mad Bill Boothe howdy, newcomer! I trust I can rely on yer vote in this upcomin' election for the sacred office of town sheriff.
Doc Beauzerau Don't unpack your conestoga too quick, Cassidy. this town's already got a doctor.

Doc Cassidy when it comes to healing the sick, there can never be enough doctors, friend!
Bad James Randall Finally! Been keen to see a new doctor ever since Beauzerau mouthed off about my snake bite troubles.
Sooty Stan wouldn't mind getting a second opinion on why I toot so much. Beauzerau told me it was cause I ate an onion an injun put a curse on, but now I ain't so sure.
Tiny Madison didn't take too kindly to the way beauzerau treated my recent brush with death. he spent the whole dang procedure laughin and takin ether.
Doc Beauzerau everyone's a goddamn critic these days.
Reconnect with an old pardner!

Jim Hoyle
Tip yer hat at this dodgy ol' bugger.


Re-elect Pawley

The esteemed Sheriff Pawley has gained his reputation entirely on his own merits through countless years of unwavering servitude to law & order. Vote for Pawley!
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Elect Mad Bill Boothe

Bill Boothe is tired of Pawley's stubborn law-enforcin' ways and is takin a stand. Boothe is more'n inclined to exercise thoughtful discretion when it comes to dispensin' justice. Vote for Change!
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