Home Page with extras, submitted by Some Guy. Yes, that's right, the title of this site is "Home Page with extras." What comes extra? Why, crazy Vietnam vet ramblings, that's what!

Vietnam vets don't live much past 50. There aren't to many of us left.
Make sure your papers are in order!!!!!

Heard it all.
Seen it all. Including a shrunken head.
Done most of it.
Haven't had a job since 1969. ( The work ethic is a scourge on humanity. )
Retired when I was 29 and lov'n every minute of it.

I'm running Compaq's 4840, 4860, 4880 with the FX500 monitors. The 8 gigabytes of software I ran up on 'em keeps me busy. This web is made with Front Page 2000. I'll be using all the latest. So you might as well get I.E. 5.5 or the like.!Today's note: Four years later my equipment is old junk. Slow poke toxic waist.!!

I hate toxic waist!

After fighting in 'Nam side-by-side with Walter Sobchak, whoever this guy is went on to start an apparently successful "find garbage in basements and garage sales and try to sell them for fifty times what their value" business. And make this shitfest of a web site with incredibly inappropriate happy 1890's music.

Don't forget to check out the navigation links at the bottom of the page to learn "all you need to know about guns," listen to his(?) radio station, and even go straight to the depths of hell! And be sure to grab a couple of his collectible change the world buttons to print out and give to all your freedom loving friends! Oh, this home page has extras... in spades! Make sure your papers are in order and visit today!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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