A Tribute To Andrea Barber, submitted by Soda. Ever wonder what happened to Kimmy Gibbler from "Full House?" Wonder no longer!

Andrea is currently a junior at Whittier College in California and is studying abroad in Denmark.
In college, she's studying English because she loves to read and write.
She says she still watches Days of Our Lives & Full House and appreciate's all your letters and support throughout her eight years at Full House.
She told me will never forget the great memories and opportunities that she has been blessed with.
Thank you (Andrea saying) for being a part of that experience.
She said she now plan's to be on concentrating on school and achieving her degree in English from Whittier College.
She is having a blast at college and have made a lot of new freinds.
She still goes out on auditions every once in a while for things such as, After School Specials, Pilots, Movies, and Commericals.

Well, there's no better place to learn English than Denmark! Here's some interesting Kimmy Gibbler facts!

Kimmy's full name is Kimberly Louise Gibbler. Who is the character Kimmy(Andrea Barber)? Well, she is for some strange reason D.J.'s best friend.She always hangs around the Tanner's house, especially when they're having dinner or when they're going out on a trip.She usually doesn't think too well. Still, Kimmy has one thing going for her.....she's an exellent driver. Even though D.J. and Kimmy have their fights,they always make up again, and Kimmy is back to be seen in the Tanner's house.The rest of the Tanners hate her, especially Stephanie.But Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber) has alot of feelings. Like when D.J. had forgot about her birthday (one of Andrea's Favorite episode's), Kimmy was totally crushed, or when Jesse got stuck in the closet with her at the Smash club, and Jesse told her, that her outfit she made was stupid and like a clown outfit.

Thanks for clearing that up! I used to think Kimmy Gibbler was a horrible, annoying, cliché character but now I see she has true feelings! I've seen the light!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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