Isis and Salems' Wedwinking, submitted by Eric. As if to negate the efforts of PETA there is this web site, which practically demands violence against animals. It's a cat's wedding page, and to all you cat lovers out there; get ready to hate cats. Apparently a cat wedding involves talking like a baby/retard and horribly editing clothing onto pictures of your pets.

Salem: (He slowly slips the wedwinking ring onto Isis' right claw)My sweet Icy, I promise to love and cherish you. I will light the way when your world is dark. I will always tell you everything and be faithful to mew til the day that I die.

I wish I had fucking been invited! Look at the fun those fucking cats are fucking having, those motherfuckers! I think just to prove how fucking jealous I am of those fucking cats I am going to get into my fucking car and fucking run over some fucking cats. Then I'll fucking get out of my car and fucking put cute little fucking clothes on them and take fucking pictures. I fucking think that sounds like a fucking grand slam plan, don't mew?

PS - CONGRATULATE THE HAPPY COUPLE! Leave them a message in their guestbook!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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