Janet's Titanic Page!, submitted by me. Oh boy, a fun "Titanic" Fan Page! Not that "Titanic" is in any way related to my Flash movie, mind you.

About me: I am a huge fan of TITANIC and have seen countless times at the theater and on video combined. This is my 1st web page creation and I have dedicated it to Titanic! Come in and make it count!!

About me: I am not a fan of YOU and have seen you countless times at the brothel and on the combination washerdryer machines at the Laundromat. I can tell this is your 1st web page creation and I am dedicated to making it your last! Go outside and make out with Count Chocula!

This site has it all, fan fiction, pictures, and pages upon pages of awards she's somehow managed to win. You'll notice that Something Awful doesn't have any pages that proudly display the various commendations we've received, possibly because this page is a garbage can rolling down a cliff into a landfill that is being moved by a glacier into the ocean.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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