Sara's Super Site, submitted by big titty ho. Sara is the biggest fucking shithead I have ever seen. Her site is an endless parade of bragging about her "awesome house", "rich father", "[her] beauty, intelligence, and big heart", and I think possibly also about how she "fucked a coach and got him fired". That's what the rumor says anyway, lord knows you can't believe rumors like that. I mean there was this kid I knew who supposedly fucked my German teacher and got her fired, but I think he just made it up because he was a dickhead who wanted an easy A in the class so he could make Valedictorian. God I hated that son of a bitch.

My name is Sara. I am 19 years old and am a sohpmore in college. I am unlike many people my age. I am ambitious, beautiful, knowledgeable, sweet, talented, and unlike many, I have the biggest heart. I love everyone who gives me a chance to let me show them how kind my disposition really is. I am a star and a leader who will excel above all. Just wait in 3 good years, I will be known all over the nation if not the world for my beauty, talent and intellect. (Just waiting for that day)

Congratulations Sara on being awarded the highest honor of "the person I hate the most without ever having met them". You can accept the award at the corner of Conceited Whore Avenue and Vapid Arrogant Slut Lane, it will be waiting for you in a pin stripe suit with a silenced pistol. The award answer to Guido but no matter how much you offer to pay him it won't be enough. Oh, I'm just funnin', death threats are no joke folks, at least not until I get my Accutane prescription.

PS - I think her guestbook is broken, but you can compliment her on her impressive humility on her forums!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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