FireHot Quotes!, submitted by Tavaryn. Hey folks! Ever wonder where all the 14-year old N'Sync gurlies and brain damaged Korn fans get all those wonderful and thought-provoking misspelled quotes to display on their Angelfire sites? Well look no further, as FireHot Quotes is your one stop source for the absolute most pathetic, idiotic, and retarded series of letters and words that you'll see outside of our website. Prepare yourself for raw pain, folks, as this site will instantly cause you to lose faith in whatever goofy god you currently believe in.

*~* LiFe Is ShOrT. aNd So Am I *~*
WeN i WaS yOuNgEr i pLaYeD wiT tOyZ...nOw DaT iM oLdEr i GoT mA bOyZ
The phone goes greeen greeen, so i pink it up and i say yellow you there? Orange you a lil shy to answer??

*i have u in my heart~!*
* i have u in my liver~!*
*if i had u in my arms i'd throw u in da river*

A MeMoRy LastZ 4ever,
NeveR doeS it dIe,
TrUe FrieNdZ sTay 2geTheR *N* NeVer Say GoodBye

...and those were all from ONE QUARTER OF ONE PAGE. There are 16 mind-scarringly terrible festering pits of unbelievable pain inhabiting this scab of digital puke, each somehow worse than the previous. I don't think I'm alone when I admit I look forward to the apocalypse, a time when people who create websites like this are incinerated by the merciful hand of the Lord. Watch out for the barrage of popups, although in comparison to the actual website itself, the popups are much more entertaining and enjoyable.

PS: I had to abort the spellchecker program when it got to the above quotes. I think if I would've allowed it to proceed, flames would've began shooting out of the disk drive.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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