Welcome to Victoriaslight.com, submitted by Naughtius. Ahhhh, now THIS is what the Internet is all about, ladies and gents! Some washed-up, burnt-out, new age, bubble-headed brainvoid named "Victoria Liljenquist" offers up her services of, well, I'm not quite sure what exactly she does. Something involving ghosts and angels and those fruity aromatic candles from Bath and Body Works I would assume.

Upon receiving clairaudient transmissions from the Angels, Victoria would go frequently to the native american sacred ground of Lake Bonneville. She would go to wait for the Non-Earthly Vehicles Light Ships to appear which she films (see UFO Photos). Many times she would feel inspired to shoot the camera into the dark and Other dimensions would appear. This photo shows a person on lower right standing, wearing a cloak over the breast area, and a coat of many colors. Appearing also is a division of darkness and the light in upper left. Victoria believes this depicts Joseph, who was sold into Egypt by his brothers, in his coat of many colors.

Yeah, that's what immediately sprang to my mind when I saw that blurry photo of who knows what! It's that Joseph guy and his coat of many colors, all of them being various shades of grey! Way to go, Victoria! Why don't you take a moment to read my palm? It has the word "DIE" on one hand and "YOU HIPPIE RETARD" on the other! Also it's done with Magic Marker so you can be sure to get the message from your cosmic superior alien overlords or whoever the hell you worship. I really love that photo of little Miss Victoria Liljenquist on the front page though, check it out:

It looks like she's saying, "yeah, I talk to the aliens about their intergalactic transdimensional gates and also to angels that float around volcanos and save random Mexican children. So what?" Methinks somebody has had their brain baked in the hot desert sands for too long, and for once I'm not referring to myself. Everybody hurry up and get aboard the "Non-Earthly Vehicles Light Ships"!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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