Roedy Green's Gay & Black Glossary (Not safe to view at work) We've all heard a lot about the gays (and blacks). Gays (and blacks) are moving into our cities, even our neighborhoods. Our schools are full of them. Our country is full of them. Hell, you can't turn on the tv without seeing some gay guy (or black guy).

But who exactly are these confounding minorities? What do they mean when they say "Well, I'm gonna go fuck my boyfriend in the ass." or "Hi there, I'm a black guy"? Well, here is a glossary that will help you with these confusing terms.

Sample articles include:

and, of course:

Oh, and the guy behind it all looks like this. If you're looking for info on gays (and blacks), then you should start clicking some links up in here.

– Joseph "Maxnmona" Fink

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