Fantasy Marching Band (thanks Bonghitz4jesus) - A new craze is sweeping the fantasy sports world. Bigger than fantasy football, bigger than fantasy baseball, and even bigger than fantasy's fantasy marching band! Luckily for the creator's of this new fantasy sport, the domain was still available!

Fantasy Marching is a virtual, online game simulating a real competitive marching band/drum corps season. Each player controls his or her own ensemble. Season 7 is currently underway with over 200 bands registered to compete. If you aren't playing this season, keep checking back to see when registration begins for Season 8, or join our Fantasy Drumline and Winterguard circuits in the offseason. More information can be found on the Forums.

And here's me not even knowing that marching bands competed against one another to decide who is the brassiest. The Ashland College Raptors Marching Band just spiked a John Philip Sousa piece right in the face of the Gary Technical School Coal Stack Bats Marching Band! This is getting intense!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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