Look, I understand that people will collect pretty much anything. And I'm trying not to prioritize my interests over someone else's. But if you're going to collect, catalog, and sell a shit-ton of "rare" (or, at least, out-of-print) board games, please try to make a site that's not aggressively unreadable!

When Don's Game Closet popped up in my browser, my eyes immediately went to shit. It suddenly became impossible to focus on anything. The more I look at it, the more I feel like an old person trying to do a Magic Eye, just struggling to manipulate my optic nerves into making any sense of it.

In Don's defense, there isn't anything else wrong with the site. I thought there might be some racist or risqué games in the '50s game section, but either Don's not about to put up with that shit, or Parker Brothers wised up pretty early. The most controversial thing I could find was an old Operation box on which there's a doctor smoking during surgery. Oh, and there's a picture of Madonna as part of the '60s backdrop: I have to assume Don mistook her for Marilyn Monroe. Which is understandable, because based on the site's design, I figure Don doesn't have any eyes.

There's a Meet the Owner box, but the links don't work, which is really disappointing because I wanted to "Read about Don's interest in board games" and I especially wanted to watch "Feature video: Don playing the piano." Maybe he'll have that section repaired - and the design cleaned up a bit too! - by the time the tantalizing 2020s link on Don's future-proofed timeline becomes clickable.

– Daryl "Fucking" Hall

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