Duh Real showcases the unique creations of self-styled artistic genuis Kathleen Daniel (aka "kat.D"). Her site has it all: blotchy backgrounds, rainbow text, "trippy pics," and insane animated music videos!

This disturbing header features grotesque fat CGI blobs and ... I think that's a cat showing its ass to us? Who even knows.

The front page invites visitors to click on symbols that, aside from the musical note, don't really seem to correspond to anything on the pages they link to. "Lahf is fulla mysteries," said Forrest Gump, once.

Clicking on the blob wearing a cape and high-heels in space takes you to the "Duh Gallery," where you can take a peep at Kathleen's lovely paintings. "Ganja" depicts a mound of dirt smoking the marijuana drug, which symbolizes what you'd have to do to enjoy that piece. Word to the wise, there are only 155 copies available at $570 a pop, so you'd better snatch one up now before this deal goes up in smoke!

Interested in more arts? Kathleen's entire catalog "will be shown by request from curators and collectors," a phrase so earnest it made me sad.

The picture of a cracked-and-melting rainbow-colored music note whisks you away to the music section. It looks like Kathleen makes her own album covers, all of which display her penchant for bizarre, contorted CGI people festooned in tacky filters. Is this that "net art" I've heard so much about??? I gave the album "Funking" a listen; if you like it, you'll probably love chilling out to this!

The animated GIF of the woman doing jumping jacks the wrong way leads you to the heart and soul of Duh Real: Kathleen's profoundly disturbing yet wildly entertaining animated music videos, which take everything to the next level. The aptly titled "Gone Crazy" depicts a woman who, I guess, has a mental breakdown on the toilet and decides to sabotage her relationship by ... peeing her pants at a party?? "Illness" is supposed to be "A tribute to Trayvon Martin and all the others gunned down and got no justice." Spoiler: George Zimmerman shows up at the end wearing a gorilla suit.

This is John McCain, and he has a military mind.

Kathleen isn't afraid to get a little "political" every now and then, like with this weird mumbly rant about John McCain and feminists "who are throwing their titty and pussy away." "Get Out" incorporates Bill Clinton (who's apparently the Grand Wizard of the KKK), his black maid, and a woman who gets chased by an arrow labeling her a hypocrite and tries to escape it by hiding in an abortion clinic. "Getta Life" abandons all pretense of a narrative and just goes full-on crazy with weird morphs.

For all Kathleen's many obvious talents, she's not running this site alone. At the bottom of the main page, with the contact info, you can find a video called "About S.L.", which introduces visitors to Duh Real's owner and "marketing director" (?) Sonny Lucato. Apparently she's a cyberbabe who spends her free time floating around in the sky. Damn, girl, how'd you get your chest to look like elephant tusks???

– Adam "rubber cat" Jameson (@robbercat)

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