Face is the first thing. Hence, face the day with confidence.
Face is the first thing that one looks at and hence it needs to be attractive.

These slogans for Emami's Fair and Handsome cream might make some sort of sense, in a vague, generic way, but they don't really establish the dire consequences of not using the product. For that, Emami designed a flow chart!

But what does Fair and Handsome cream actually do? Well, the "wonder molecule patented in the USA effectively penetrates tougher male epidermis to regulate melanin production." In other words, it lightens your skin tone, because this is obviously the key to attractiveness! It's been specifically tested on Indian male skin, but it's surely dermatologist-approved for use on the White Chicks 2 set (coming to theaters in 2011!), or by plain white dudes who figure the only thing standing between them and Robert Pattinson's heartthrob status is that "next-level" pastiness.

It's natural -- natural as the natural cooling herbs and anti-bacterial agents that Fair and Handsome contains! -- that people might be skeptical of Emami's outrageous claims. So don't take their word for it, listen to these regular guys:

"When my friend started using this cream he told me that is good and we can use it is good after using this our face will be like a handsome guy. when i came to know about this i thought i should also try it." -- Sarfaraz Shaikh, Maharashtra

"I'm not Sure. But if it will workproperly that being a miracle to the men." -- Agni Sekhar Dutta, West Bengal

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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