If you watched any college basketball over the weekend, you surely noticed the promotion of male hygiene products that promise to make the following happen: a) you will stop projectile perspiring b) women will want to groom you like a gorilla c) your grotesquely enlarged armpit will become a tropical island or a snow-capped mountain d) someone will kidnap you, flash a knife and push you out of a plane. Certainly these are all desirable effects, but if you really want to impress the ladies with a scent you purchased somewhere, there's only one option: Pheromones!

At Pheromone Talk, dudes drenched in "Scent of Eros" and "Instant Female Magic" discuss their favorite snake-oil combos and one-night-stand success stories. By browsing these forums, you'll get invaluable tips about the right potions to use in certain situations ("Mx200, Oh how it works on the Asians!"), not to mention the understandably popular message-board topic "What to use when you're not good looking?" People might be skeptical about pheromones, reasoning that they've never effectively influenced human behavior in a peer-reviewed study, but who are you going to believe, some stuffy scientists, who have probably never spent a night of their lives "prowling" at clubs,or the anecdotal evidence of "catlord17," who reports "rapid lusty response" to his usage of "Seduction Mix 1"?

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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