Ratboy enjoys Groinsnacks (c).

No, you're not a unicorn, you're just another stiff in the river, you shitcycle.

Imagine waking up and seeing this thing in your bed. It's like a goddamn nightmare you can never wake up from, only with more chest hair and flab.

Hey, it wasn't wearing orange and it was in the woods so I shot it. I don't see why the cops are trying to make a big deal about it.

Goth Queen Trashbags sweeps in and claims the souls of all the bent up wire hangers and newspapers you throw out. I claim its hilarious when you break a tombstone over any goth's skull.

The worthless puke bastard kids in Appleton are into the new drug fad, "doping bulbs". They store drugs inside Christmas tree lights and snort them. I think it sounds much better when I cram the lights into their nasal cavity and then smash them in the face with a hammer.