The Internet Band (thanks Beech) - One man has created a web site that sets out the plan for the world's next supergroup. So what if he can't sing, play an instrument or even design a webpage?! He knows exactly what the ultimate band needs to succeed!
The World's Next Great Rock Band Is Now Forming. You Will Absolutely Be The #1 Band After Your First Cd Release. I Guarantee It.
Yes, he guarantees that you will be the number one band, if only you can get the five greatest musicians of all time together into a single band!
The Group Will Have 5 Lead Singing Capable Musicians+ Great Original Songs+ Great Obscure Cover Songs= The Worlds Greatest New Rock Band............I Say Yeah! Yeah Yeah Yeahh..........I Got Fame........Right Here............If You Want It. The Beatles Had 4 Singers, I Want 5. Are You Worthy?
Sign up now with a random guy on a webpage and he can profit from your success and give you all sorts of handy little life coaching. 
For example:

You 20 Something Year Olds Make Me Laugh. All Your Life All You Know Is That The Stock Market Has Gone Up Alot And That Real Estate Has Gone Up Alot Also. Well, Quess What? The Next 20 Years Are Going To Be Horrible Compared To The Past 20 Years. You Better Have A Long Talk With Your Parents.

You all suck and he hates you, so join his band for great success!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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