The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, or VHEMT for short, encourages people to stop reproducing so the human race can peacefully die out and Earth can be restored "to its former glory." It's similar to Reddit's Childfree subforum, but with less insufferable whining about "crotchspawn" and more insufferable moral posturing!

Founded, or at least named, by environmental activist and substitute teacher "Les U. Knight" (groan), VMEHT is best summarized by its motto, "May we live long and die out," which is available in bumper sticker form like a reverse Baby On Board decal.

More detailed information is arranged in the form of a long-ranging, often-defensive FAQ, which repeatedly insists VHEMT is a legitimate movement that's serious about human extinction. "[T]he decision to stop reproducing is still the morally correct one," Les piously claims, citing logic and responsibility. Before you ask, no, they're not misanthropic supervillains who cheer on disasters and encourage extinction (or so they claim...), nor are they a suicide cult. Ever stopped to consider that maybe society is the real suicide cult??

We propel our bodies about in fragile metal boxes, at potentially fatal speeds, without much care or reason.

We ingest so much poison that meat from our bones wouldn't meet government standards for pork.

We pull strands from the web of life, jump up and down on it, and expect it to hold our ever-increasing weight. Few notice there's no safety net.

Instead, we could be embracing life: voluntary human extinction offers a healthy cure for humanity's collective death wish.

REally makes u think!!!

For more, feast your eyes on this epic collection of comics that utterly demolishes the concept of breeding and sticks it to the sheeple. The animated shorts are no longer hosted at, but you can find them on YouTube. Please watch "The Stork," which is positively Banksyesque in its message.

The best part of the site is this two-option "intelligence quiz" you can take to see if you're smart enough to breed. If you pick correctly, feel free to reward yourself with one of these sweet GIFs!

– Adam "rubber cat" Jameson (@robbercat)

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