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  • Recursion


    Oscar-winning writer Charlie Kaufmuller and oscar-nominated director Sprite Johnzon's lost gem about identity or something.

  • Preciously Awkward

    Preciously Awkward

    The hottest indie romantic comedy of 2008 features performances by all of your favorites and a witty script from a fresh-faced screenwriter and former stripper.

  • BVP: Barbershop vs. Predator

    BVP: Barbershop vs. Predator

    Two franchises collide when a Chicago barbershop faces off against an extraterrestrial hunter.

  • Blade Runner 2.0

    Blade Runner 2.0

    In the year 2091 AD, a race of futuristic bounty hunters called "Blade Runners" are tasked with exterminating a deadly breed of lifelike robots known as "Replicoids." When Replicoid Cy Borg threatens to take over the entire internet using an advanced computer virus, Blade Runner Deckard 2.0 must stop him... or else all humanity may be destroyed!

  • M.C. Puppet

    M.C. Puppet

    A couple of inner city rappers stumble upon a seemingly innocent ventriloquist dummy while searching for marijuana in their grandmother's attic. After accidentally performing a rap song which transforms ventriloquist dummies into Satanic killers, the two rappers realize they must battle this evil by using the powers of rap and also their handguns.

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