M.C. Puppet (2005) (V)



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Director:Max Pockets
Writer:Max Pockets (written by)
J.Z. "Floozy" Floss
Alberto Peon
(original poem)
Release Date:27 December 2004 (USA) more
Genre:Horror Puppetry Gone Wrong | Horror About Puppets In the Hood | Movies Featuring Absolutely No Puppets In Them | Erotic Arts
Also Known As:"Nigga Watch Out Fo Dat Motherfucken' Puppet, That Shit Gonna Fuck You Face Up!"
Tagline:From da' wood to da' hood, this puppet gonna kill you up good!
Plot:A couple of inner city rappers stumble upon a seemingly innocent ventriloquist dummy while searching for marijuana in their grandmother's attic. After accidentally performing a Satanic rap song able to transform nearby ventriloquist dummies into bloodthirsty killers, the two rappers realize they must battle this evil by using the powers of rap and friendship and also handguns.
Plot Keywords:Rappers Shouting | Bathtubs | Woman Who Blinks Her Eyes and Then Uses the Phone | Visible Sweat | Movies Not Featuring Icebergs | Moist Dirt | Bass | Protagonist Ending a Sentence With a Preposition | Sexy Yet Awkward Tribute to Lance Armstrong
User Comments:there are no puppets in this movie............. where are the puppets more


The High Times "DOPE FLICK OF THE YEAR" Award (2005)


...Da Hitman Stabbz
Thizza Chillz
...MC Commander Buckshot Grill
Max Pockets
Corben Bernsen
...Whitey Preston Esquire III
Corben Bernsen...Police Chief Adolf Zitler
Corben Bernsen...Grand Wizard Klansman Serpentine Von Hideous
Loretta Devine...Luscious Mama

Fun Stuff


Coolio's character was originally intended to be played by Doris Roberts, but she dropped out at the last minute, citing "urethra concerns."

During day four of filming, a 1966 Lincoln Continental drove into the set, killing three interns and the boom operator. Coolio bravely demanded to continue filming, claiming "they were dead to me anyway."

Corben Bernsen nearly had to pull out of the filming due to a scheduling conflict with another movie he was starring in, "Meat Phantom." Director Max Pockets coerced Bernsen by letting him wear his patented Meat Suit throughout the film, despite numerous complaints from cast and crew.

The rare, unrated version of "M.C. Puppet" contains a 38-minute long sex scene between Loretta Devine's character Luscious Mama and M.C. Puppet. Devine was unable to continue filming after multiple rehearsals of this sequence due to vaginal splinters. Director Max Pockets decided to kill her character off-camera and step in as X-Taz's new love interest. The only reference to her disappearance occurs when X-Taz asks where his girlfriend is, and Da Hitman Stabbz says "she died due to somethin' nasty."


Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): During the amusement park car chase scene, X-Taz says he needs to smoke some weed to calm his nerves, but in the subsequent shot he is shown writing "FUCK ARBOR DAY" on posterboard.


[X-Taz and Da Hitman Stabbz are rummaging around their grandmother's attic]
X-Taz: Nigga, why you put da chronic all up here in G's attic, foo'?
Da Hitman Stabbz: Fuck man, this is the LAST place da 5-0 will be lookin' for our shit!
X-Taz: Nigga, if you wanted to put that shit somewhere that ain't nobody gonna look, why don't you stash that shit in yo boxers?
[Da Hitman Stabbz's monocle flies off]
Da Hitman Stabbz: Why I never...!

Da Hitman Stabbz: Hey while we up here in the attic, you wanna peep these rhymes I been writin' for the rap-off?
Fat Clarence: Hell yeah dawg!
Da Hitman Stabbz: Yo bettah step off, else you gonna be a dead nigga
Rerum Atazoth, tenax vigor!
X-Taz: Nigga, what the hell you just say?
[M.C. Puppet magically comes to life]
Fat Clarence: Man those rhymes is so dope even that dummy is dancin'!
[Everybody laughs. M.C. Puppet stabs Fat Clarence]
Fat Clarence: Shit, my guts!!!

X-Taz: Thank god you guys are here! That dummy just killed Fat Clarence! We gotta stop him!
Police Chief Adolf Zitler: Dummy? Dummy?!? The only dummy here is you!
X-Taz: You saw it happen! You was there! And that little motherfucker's sittin' on yo shoulder right now!
Police Chief Adolf Zitler: Ha ha, you hear that, guys? This darkie here says his buddy done got himself killed by some stupid toy!
[Police officers, M.C. Puppet laugh and point]
X-Taz: We gotta stop this motherfucker before he kills everyone in the hood!
Police Chief Adolf Zitler: The only hood here is you!
[Da Hitman Stabbz's monocle flies off]
Da Hitman Stabbz: Why I never...!

Luscious Mama: I guess it's time for bed.
[Turns off lights and gets into bed, where M.C. Puppet is hiding. He runs his hand through her hair]
Luscious Mama: Oooh baby, X-Taz is that you? Now come to Mama, sugar.
M.C. Puppet: Oh I'll be coming alright! Now spread 'em wide, I got some wood for you, bitch!
Luscious Mama: [Surprised] You ain't X-Taz!!!

[M.C. Puppet's charred corpse is in the background.]
Da Hitman Stabbz: We did it, dawg. We smoked that bitch puppet's wooden ass like Burger King.
X-Taz: Yeah, ain't no fool puppet gonna drop X-Taz.
[Police arrive.]
Police Chief Adolf Zitler: So Grand Wizard Klansman Serpentine Von Hideous was behind it the entire time.
X-Taz: Man, that's what we been tryin' to tell you!!!
Police Chief Adolf Zitler: Prison isn't kind to illegal puppeteers. The only strings that bastard will be pulling are the pubic hair from his own teeth.
Da Hitman Stabbz: Man, we should've never went up to yo' grandma's attic to get that dope.
Police Chief Adolf Zitler: The only dope here is you!
[Da Hitman Stabbz's and X-Taz's monocles fly off]
Da Hitman Stabbz and X-Taz: Why we never...!
[Everyone laughs. M.C. Puppet's hand slowly rises from the ashes.]

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man i dont get this movie, 4 August 2008

Author: wildarms304 from United States

im sorry but i watched this film at least 15 times and i dont understand it at all..... ok first off why does the inner city rap competition take place in a cellar? and the cellar also looks like the house where their grandma lives and also later on in the part where they talk to the president his oval ofice is the same cellar except theres a rug over one of the pipes and a drawing of an eagle on posterboard. and maybe its my crappy TV but the president of the Us looks like a dog spray painted white wearing a wig or something/

ALSo i am confused by the ending, when coolio dies redman tries to bring him back to life using the magic lapel pin he got from the dummy but then he says "it didnt work" but then collio walks in and says "it worked" and i dont know if this is an error with my dvd but theres a bunch of asian words at the bottom of the screen and one of them looks like mustasche and it changes color when u try to skip chapters. oh and who is the chick who has all the baby racoons come out of her tits becuse she is hot as hell and i want to look for any nude torrents, pls email me at rapfanatic473@live.com thx.

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