Caddyshack III: This Shack Ain't Wack! (2005)

Directed by:
John "Fingers" Ramis

Writing credits:
John "Fingers" Ramis

Genre: Comedy

Tagline: It's back and this shack still ain't wack!

Plot Outline: In John Ramis' take on the storied Caddyshack universe, we find a group of bored teenagers, befuddled club members, and their street-talking gopher cohort in a fight to...(more) (view trailer)

User Comments: More like Caddy-you have to take smack to enjoy this piece of *@#$! (more)

User Rating: A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! 5.3 / 10 (28 votes)

Credited cast:
Lindsay Lohan....Maggie O'Hooligan
Orlando Bloom....Lacy Underall (Art, credits)
Cameron Diaz....Lacy Underall (Film)
Larry the Cable Guy....Al Czervik
Anthony "Treach" Criss....Danny Noonan
Tony Danza....Tony D'Annunzio
Wanda Sykes....Malik the Sassy Gopher
Howie Mandel....Carl Spackler
Craig T. Nelson....Judge Elihu Smails
Vince Vaughn....Ty Webb

Also Known As:
Super Gopher no America no GOLF DISASTER! (Japan)
Mes Enfants Perdu de le Cours de Golf (France)
The Caddyshop (Harlem)
Runtime: 98 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color (Handycam)
Certification: USA: R
Sound Mix: Stankophongo

  • In the Goldberg Golf Machine scene, Lacy Underall calls her uncle a Nazi and gives him a sign of the cross. Nazis are not known for the sign of the cross, of course, but for their fervent love of breakdancing.
  • Malik the Sassy Gopher's gender is never identified, but the animal appears with male genitalia in some scenes and female genitalia in others.
  • Although faint, in several scenes you can see the remnants of the word "cunt" written on Lindsay Lohan's forehead in permanent marker.
  • In the three-way love scene between Lohan, Criss, and Diaz, the people in the bed are clearly two elderly men and a blow-up doll painted to look like Tony Hawk.
  • In one of the drinking scenes Mandel tells Vaughn to fetch him a beer. Vaughn pulls a baseball from the cooler and throws it to Mandel, who pantomimes opening and drinking it. (more)
AMDB Memorable Quotes:
Lacy Underall: Malik, Danny's about to lose the big tournament! What can we do?
Malik the Sassy Gopher: Maybe if that crazy ass nigga with the katana would stop chasin' my ass I could help!
Lacy Underall: That's not very nice! He's just doing his job.
  • Through a series of political plays and illegal transactions, Howie Mandel convinced Director John Ramis to turn the Carl Spackler character into a samurai hell-bent on killing the gopher that shamed his family.
  • Although the film is technically a remake and Universal billed it as a comedy, Ramis told several different speciality publications different things about the movie. After telling Ebony Magazine the movie was a celebration of the black spirit and Gay Mens Quarterly that the film took a hard stance against conservative gay-bashing, a number of minority groups rallied for the film. Authorities discovered a bomb at the rally in a truck titled in Ramis' name. When confronted about the incident, Ramis claimed a terrorist group had a leader of the same name. When the police came back after discovering no such terrorist group existed, Ramis threw a smoke bomb and escaped through living room window with a grappling hook.
  • Test groups did not take well to the remake. One young viewer threw a handful of human waste at the screen after seeing one of the new "extreme" scenes, a shot of a motorcyclist ramping through a hoop of fire and landing in a swimming pool full of nude models. When asked, the viewer said he didn't even know there was a first Caddyshack.
  • John Ramis gained his nickname, "Fingers," by losing a few digits while working with a table saw. When asked about the incident, his brother, Harold Ramis, said that "it was too bad the saw didn't go after his chest like Johnny Cash's brother."
  • Ramis had planned his remake of "Caddyshack" for a long time, and after watching Orlando Bloom in the Lord of the Rings movies he thought his puzzle was complete - he finally had the perfect Lacy Underall. He signed Bloom to a multimillion dollar contract and even had the movie's poster designed before he found out Bloom is, in fact, a male. When asked about the incident Bloom said that Ramis "had a bunch of pictures of Alexis Arquette in his set trailer" and that he "just assumed [Ramis] was kind of out there." Ramis went on to hire Cameron Diaz and left Bloom on board as a "trailer consultant".
  • Director Trademark: A "novelty casket" that blares "Come on Feel the Noise" and ejects a huge foam "devil horns" hand when opened.
  • Ramis is a notoriously abusive director and reportedly asked Lohan to film most of her scenes with a beer bong hanging out of her ass. When she refused Ramis held a press conference and said "we needed an ugly Irish girl to play Maggie but got stuck with a fat one instead." Lohan was hospitalized shortly after when staffers discovered she had eaten an entire crate of laxatives.
  • Ramis wasn't the only one who bothered Lohan, however. Larry the Cable Guy reportedly crammed a handful of rotten corned beef hash in Lohan's mouth and shouted "Eat my hash, Seamus" at her. Lohan was again hospitalized with serious abrasions after staffers discovered her scrubbing her skin with a steel wool pad while screaming she was "trying to scrub the mick off."
  • Anthony "Treach" Criss only accepted the role of Danny Noonan after Ramis agreed to let him perform a twenty-minute-long hip-hop version of "Stairway to Heaven" in the middle of the film.
  • Howie Mandel stormed off the set after Ramis asked him to draw a dot on the top of his newly-shaved head so the cast could call him "peckerhead".
  • Director Trademark: Showing sadness by having characters make an exaggerated frown face while the "you lose" noise from "The Price is Right" plays in the background.
  • In some scenes Malik the Sassy Gopher was a CGI model, and in others appeared to be little more than a brown rag on a stick. When asked about it Ramis only said "the rag was white before [he] got done with it."
  • Tony Danza was stunned to learn Ramis wanted him to play Tony D'Annunzio. Ramis would later say that the decision was mainly labor-based, since he "didn't want to have to shout two wop names."
  • In order to draw in a younger audience, Ramis turned Craig T. Nelson's Judge Elihu Smails character into a corrupt parking cop who hates the music of Fallout Boy. Oddly enough, all the characters still refer to him as "judge".
  • The famous "candy bar in the pool" scene from the original was replaced with a scene in which a number of aborted fetuses fall from the sky and into the pool. When Universal questioned Ramis' judgment he sent them a rebuttal letter, claiming he could be "every bit as surreal as those British fags in Radiohead."
  • Larry the Cable Guy refused to work with a Japanese man during his first scene at the country club. After some coercing he agreed to work with Dave Chappelle, but only if the comedian wore a striped "jail suit" and a ball and chain around his ankle.
  • Director Trademark: Various political statements, such as one scene where a giant robot dressed as a preacher shoots electricty out of his penis onto an eight-story-tall neon cross.
  • Famous brown-noser James Lipton confronted John Ramis about the movie on his show "Inside the Actor's Studio." Lipton referred to the movie as "a leprous mole on the ass of Hollywood." He would later retract the statement and apologize to all lepers he offended with the comment.
  • The movie Ramis originally received funding for was not a remake of "Caddyshack" but actually a remake of Friday the Thirteenth. Ramis had already spent over $70,000 on a specialized "shaky-head cam" that made every actor's head look like it was stuck in a broken paint shaker when Kane Hodder said he'd defecate on Ramis' mother's grave if the movie was completed. Ramis called Hodder "a huge fag" when promoting the movie at a PBS fundraiser, but quietly switched gears before relocating his mother's body and putting a land mine in the old plot.
  • To test the motion capture software used to create Malik the Sassy Gopher, testers dressed Wanda Sykes in a motion capture suit and filmed her urinating into a can of Ramis' soda. Ramis watched the test footage while drinking the soda, not realizing the prank but loving the footage. He later added the shot as a hidden DVD feature, located by clicking on a small bug on Lindsay Lohan's crotch.
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