A beautiful vintage automobile, often on loan from a collector, adds a lot of authenticity to a period movie or TV show. Unfortunately, if the period is "the future" there are no collectors of cars that don't exist, so the director has to try to add that authenticity with fictional vehicles. Unless they spend a lot of money and hire just the right people, the results can fall a little bit short of adding authenticity. I have collected some of the worst wheels of sci-fi with the help of intrepid posters from SA's Automotive Insanity forum and Cinema Discusso forum.

Freejack (1992)

Evil Mick Jager harasses Emilio Estevez at the behest of a virtual Anthony Hopkins. Long car chases feature Jager directing a pink APC and a squadron of dune buggies through a city in pursuit of Estevez, who has commandeered a booze-dropping champagne truck (???). The chase weaves through a mixture of 1920s and 1930s sedans and cars that look like bugs that ate other cars.

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