If there's one thing that white teenagers on the internet hate more than not being able to say "nigger", it's rap music.

"Deal with it."

TO: occupyjapan@somethingawful.com
SUBJECT: AwfulVision™ Submission

Perhaps my favorite example of "white person who hates rap". Oh, and of
course he name drops shitty metal bands from Finland that no one gives a
shit about. 2 minutes that are about 6:00 each.



Thanks for making me do my own damn work, Ozren. I know it's really really hard to actually copy and paste a video URL into your email, and I'm terribly sorry I inconvenienced you.

FROM: "Ozren Harlovic"
TO: occupyjapan@somethingawful.com
SUBJECT: Awfulvision™

search youtube for "normalnofobia medley". these two guys (normalnofobia or
normalnofobija) have they own show on croatian tv...

btw nice work!

By the way, I decided to take the 3 seconds out of my day it would have taken Mr. Harlovic to just link me and searched for the videos myself. This is what I found:

Thanks a lot, jerk!

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