New-ma Numa

If you haven't seen the original, it's a video of a fat kid dancing and lip syncing to a European techno song. If you haven't seen this sequel, it's also a fat kid dancing and lip syncing to a European techno song. If you haven't seen either, I envy you.

Plot/Writing: I guess there really isn't much of a plot to Numa Numa. It's a fat kid. He dances and pretends to sing some crappy Eurotrash techno song. 3 minutes later, the video is over and you feel slightly empty inside. This Numa Numa sequel does manage to improve upon the original by having upwards of 10 seconds of lead-in "plot" wherein one of Numa Numa Kid's fans calls him and demands that he make a sequel. Unfortunately, anything multiplied by zero is still zero and anything Numa Numa-related multipled by plot is still stupid. My score? 1/10.

Comedy/Interest Value: Welp, gonna go ahead and give this one a perfect 10 because morbidly obese people always make me laugh. And by "laugh", I mean "at" not "with". My score? 10/10.

Technical/Execution: When I was in middle school, we always had a class field trip at the end of the school year. During my 8th grade year, we went to Six Flags. If you've been to Six Flags (or, well, any theme park), you know how they have those stupid "Make your own music video" booths where you pay like 30 dollars for the pleasure of lip syncing to Barbie Girl or Macarena in front of a green screen and then they edit them so that you're standing amidst a bunch of horribly, tacky effects that look like Windows 95 screen savers? My only guess is that Numa Numa Kid was trying to go for that sort of feel for this video, and sadly enough, the Six Flags music videos still look a million times better. My score? 2/10.

Creativity: He sets out to recreate Numa Numa and by God, I guess he technically does it. I can't be too hard on him here because he didn't set out to reinvent the wheel (or more appropriately, he didn't set out to reinvent the fat kid dancing video). My score? 5/10.

Final Thoughts: YouTube should delete every video that isn't a fat kid making a fool out of himself. And then it should delete those too. My final score? 18/40.

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