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We leave you this week with the best video I've ever seen in my entire life. Okay, so at first glance the video its self might not seem that special: a washed-up TV star plugs his new straight to video movie with his son. However, he also mentions something else; something amazing. Something that has the possibility to revolutionize internet trolling as we know it.

That's not a katana, Naruto420, that's a Wakizashi. And if my mountain man eyes don't decieve me, a poorly crafted one.Dan Haggerty's career died sometime before I was born. Better known as TV's Grizzly Adams, Dan has spent the better part of 30 years playing everyone's favorite mountain man. However, a notorious drug bust ended his mainstream career nearly as soon as it had taken off. Dan, it seemed, was destined to live out his days as a throwaway gag on Family Guy. Well, no longer!

You see, Dan also does a video message service. What does this mean? Well, for the low price of 200 dollars, Dan will make a video of himself saying anything you want, to whomever you want. I realize that on the surface, this sounds mundane. But just think for a minute: what if you paid Dan to troll Youtube?

[Cue scene]

[An eagle soars through the clear, blue sky and lands on Grizzly Adams shoulder. Adams is busy nursing a bear cub back to health after it was caught in a hunter's trap]

[He pauses from his task and look up, addressing the camera]

"Sephiroth2859, I just don't much care for your opinion on Anime."Furthermore, your taste in j-pop leaves a lot to be desired.

[He resumes helping the cub]

Seriously, this is a ground breaking discovery. No longer will trolling be done with cheap webcams in dimly lit basements, but by has-been 70's TV stars the way God intended. In fact, I think more 70's icons should join in. Just think of it: Officer Ponch from CHiPs writing someone a ticket for posting about how much the PS3 sucks; George Jefferson calling a group of Juggalos "honky"; Fonzie telling your vlog rival to "Sit on it".

The future is now.

Critics Corner™

" It would be worth a couple bucks to have Dan do a promo for the many ways to cook a Grizzly bear."

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– Seth "Occupy Japan" Bailey

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