AwfulVision Presents: Billy Bob Neck: Portrait of an American Patriot

Move over, John Wayne. Step aside, Ronald Reagan. There's a new patriot on the block, and he's in town to do two things: eat Freedom Fries, and kick lie-beral homo French ass.... and he's all out of Freedom Fries.

We start with Billy Bob responding to that "Why I'm voting Republican" video that's floating around.

Next up, Billy Bob has a message for all you sodomites out there that are profaning God's word by putting things other than suppositories and rectal thermometers up your ass.

Not even that atheist liberal JK Rowling and her hell-spawn witch Harry Potter are safe from Billy Bob's scathing rebuke.

I think you're wrong Billy Bob. I think the single greatest threat would be if you were to stop making videos. Then, the terrorists have truly won.

See, this is what I've been saying all along. If a number is bigger than 3999, it's a part of the liberal agenda. Mathematicians hate America and our freedoms.

Free speech isn't free, and if Billy Bob has his way, it won't be speach, either.

Jesusland is my favorite themepark. I love going there and riding the Holy Roller Coaster and the Water Into Wine Log Flume. "Jesusland: So much fun, it'll be a miracle if you want to go home!"

That about does it for yet another thrilling installment of AwfulVision. Thanks for reading, and big ups to all my peeps that sent in videos this week. I keep all of you in my prayers. Unfortunately, I pray to Baloth, God of Retribution so keeping you in my prayers may result in things too terrifying to even mention.

If you'd like to join these doomed souls and submit a video to AwfulVision, you can do so by clicking this link. And of course, you can always join our dumb YouTube channel that I am far too fat and lazy to ever update and instead I just use the account to troll Republicans and people with bad taste in music.

Later, jerks!

– Seth "Occupy Japan" Bailey

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