Rainbows: a bigger conspiracy than AIDS, 9/11 and JFK combined

Submitted by Erik

No, lady. The only thing that's changed in 20 years is you became a frumpy late-40's soccer mom who has enough time on her hands to dream up stupid shit like this between taking Billy to soccer practice and Susie to ballet.

Y'know, this video is seriously so asinine that it almost makes the aforementioned conspiracies look legit. I mean, maybe Castro did hire the Teamsters to have Kennedy shot. I mean, it makes more sense that he'd want to take revenge on Kennedy for the whole Bay of Pigs thing than it does that the gub'mint put STUFF IN OUR WATER SUPPLY TO MAKE RAINBOWS.

Jesus fucking Christ, you need a fucking hobby STAT. Might I suggest following in the footsteps of every other housewife on the planet and start fucking the pool boy or popping Valium until you can see colors and feel sounds?

Critics Corner

"next thing you know, they'll be pumping dihydrogen monoxide through our faucets!!!!!!!!! and we're really fucked if those molecules are polar."


"OMFG YOU STUPID BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even watch the rest of that... I'm 37 u fucking dick... and when I was 5 years i use to love doing that with the sprinkler and seeing a rainbow!!! YOU DUMB FUCK!"


"ok.. SUMMARY..

A lady sitting in her back yard records a rainbow ( a result of the sunlight reflecting off the water) and talks about how this rainbow is the result of our governments devious plot. i mean. come on. it HAS to be the government. them and their devious minds are out there.. placing rainbows over your sprinklers. why? you ask.. because the government is out to get us. and kill us. WITH THEIR FUCKIN RAINBOWS!! .



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