This week in Paul Rice videos, and a request for next week!

Submitted by Paul Rice

Paul is a well-known contributor here at AwfulVision. I've used his video submissions routinely and before I started giving credit for each video, it was a safe bet that I used at least a couple of his videos per week. This week, he decided to send a cubic shitload (which is slightly smaller than a metric fuckton) of videos my way. Just for that, he's getting his own goddamn section this time.

High school sophomores: natures comedy vacuum.

Camp Nazi sounds like the worst summer camp ever. Activities include liberating the Sudetenland, finding the final answer to the Jewish question and making dreamcatchers. Still, I bet it's a lot more fun than Camp Bolshevik or Camp Baath. Compared to those places, I bet Camp Nazi is a real gas!

I like to think that despite doing this video, they both still get really really weirded out by any sort of normal male-to-male physical contact. I bet their job interviews go something like this: "thanks for iviting to this intarvew mr bank president id luv 2 werk for u as a teler yo yo YO bak the fukk up homie shaking hands is some strate^ fuken homo shit broseph fukk u im outtie 2000"

I hereto, out of mutual undisinterest, supportify you watching this video dutifully as this homer-sapian tries to procur the usery of words he doesn't understandify when he makes attemptings to repondicate to the discourse on his computer page et'al squid pro quo e pluribus unum.

It a funny fota! You laughing at computer screen! Czech making funny fota for making laugh!

Phew! Good thing he let me know he didn't own Star Wars or else I would have assumed that George Lucas' Alzheimer's was progressing faster than expected.

I can only assume this was also made by the Rainbow Sprinkler Conspiracy Theory housewife because my mind boggles at the prospect that MULTIPLE people might have this much time one their hands.

That about does it for this week's AwfulVision! Thanks to everyone who sent in videos! If you, too, would like to join the ranks of these ne'er-do-wells, you can submit a video right here.

Speaking of which, onto my request for next time! For the next update, we're going to be focusing on videos from religious Youtube knockoff, GodTube. What is Godtube? Well, take a wild fucking guess, dumb-dumb: it's Youtube for Christians who absolutely must have a religious alternative to every single secular thing on the fucking planet.

So, for next time, if you find any funny YouTube videos, be sure to send them anyway (I'll use them eventually), but please focus your search efforts on GodTube. Thanks in advance! See you jerks next time!

– Seth "Occupy Japan" Bailey

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