You walk outside of the tent and are reintroduced to the bitter cold and the icy landscape. Much is as you remember it, and your snowman remains unmolested.

Neddy Seagoon

> Molest your snowman.


> Put the EGG inside GOKU


You shove the rainbow-colored egg inside the chest of your snowman.

As you pull your hand away, an incredible transformation takes place!

The bones you used as arms snap and pop into a new arrangement. All colors of the rainbow begin to ripple across its powdery body.

The snowman begins to hum softly, and it steps forward with its new set of functional legs.

Its hastily arranged stone facial features turn awkwardly in your direction, grinding and rolling in their sockets.

"Kill.... me..." it wheezes, barely audible.

You lose the EGG from your inventory.

Huge Obamacare Fan

>Remove the egg to end the abominations suffering.

Then put it back in. Repeat until bored.



> actually yeah do the fusion dance with the snow goku


You cannot imagine a world in which you animate a Saiyan effigy and not attempt to fuse with it.

Your creation reluctantly obeys your command, and you begin the strange motions necessary to combine your souls into one.

You feel a rush of cold ripple throughout your body. Your arms snap and pop at hideous angles, leaving you with an exposed multi-colored skeleton where your arms once were. The pain is excruciating.

You are temporarily overcome by an incredible feeling of sadness and a sense of abject misery, but you push the other being's consciousness to the back of your mind. Despite your best efforts, you can still barely hear its muffled cries and whines echoing somewhere in your deepest thoughts.

You no longer feel cold.

A vast, icy landscape stretches in all directions.

Nude Bog Lurker

> rename yourself Snowku


> Tell the Goku voice in your head it will shut up if it knows what's good for it. Punch yourself in the head to prove this point. Then head towards the ship.


> Walk across the sea toward the ships by turning the sea to ice where you walk using your snow goku ice powers.


You head toward the ships you saw earlier through your telescope. While the ground does seem to harden where you walk, there is no need to freeze any water, as the ice easily extends to the ships and far beyond sight.


> Enter the World Martial Arts Tournament.


You feel the need to prove your worth as a martial artist. While you are not aware of any previous world championships that have ever taken place, you decide to organize the very first.

You spend a great deal of time setting up the tournament arena. You discover you have a limited ability to manipulate the ice around you, and construct a suitable area out of cleanly laid frozen TILES.

Once it is complete, you stand nearby and wait for anyone to sign up.

Several days pass without any willing contestants. Perhaps you should have advertised more.

You notice you no longer feel the need for food or water.

Justin Tyme

> use your telescope to survey the horizon to find NEXT SETPIECE


> Get to the fucking ships already

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